Dear Parents and students!

I’m a teacher for ESE students during the year, in a K-8 school where we teach or co-teach in the regular (General education Classroom ) I have taught grades through 5th grade and teach adults in ELL English Language Learners, Writing skills and test preparation. I have studied the art of cognitive skills training and helped students with learning disabilities and challenges from Reading and Math Challenges to autism. As a parent advocate for both my own children and the children of others who needed support, I also can share many experiences and resources which I have learned on my journey.  In accessing special education services for your child you will need to  become a partner with school administrative personnel, teachers, counselor and agencies. There may be times you will need to escalate matters to a district level, but be sure to let them see that you have attempted to ask all of your school resources and the principal if needed so the high level officials will see you have tried to include them and collaborate but were still unable to gain the assistance you require to help your child be a successful citizen and community member.  I am providing this blog in hopes that I will help my students and their parents