You are a Historian

Young students often do not see the value of history because it seems distant and irrelevant to them.  Some themes in the classroom that I have found helpful include the following:

Students should feel like historians, scientists and writers. This empowers them in acquiring their knowledge. It can change them from a person who is taught, to one who seeks to learn.  As a historian, students learn the different types of artifacts. They begin to understand primary sources and secondary historical documents. This s because we learn better as we experience. We learn more as we become the teacher. With this in mind, students may create a play, write as a historical figure (What would they have written n their journal on the day of ___) . Musically inclined students ay write songs, Artistically gifted students may create a variety of artistic renderings of events.   Parents can have a large part, and relearn or learn many things they did not know. Family working together builds attention.

Some teachers hesitate to do this because there are students without support at home. Rather than remove this , create clubs to follow up either of historical events in general, or specific aspects of homework for credit. Create a historical new paper where students become journalists. Students can create a dance or other physical movement story which covers the material taught. The guiding rubric can detail the main points a student must cover.

These are just general ideas. I hesitate to be too specific because each class has its own group dynamic and these projects can be made fun and flexible. I will create a few examples and links to them. I would love you to add your suggestions.